Top 9 Product Marketing Articles For 2021

Top 9 Product Marketing Articles For 2021

Everything changed in 2020. Marketing is no exception. 2020 was not only the year that saw the global pandemic but, on a brighter note, the rise of eCommerce. North American eCommerce sales rose by triple digits year over year in April 2020. Along with the dramatic increase in online sales, marketing styles have evolved. 

Brand names had a significant influence over consumer purchasing decisions prior to the pandemic. However, with supply chain disruptions because of factory closings. Shortages forced consumers to make new choices. Rather than waiting for favorite brand name products to become available, shoppers prioritized products and features and changed their shopping habits. 

Since product marketing has come to the fore, we have selected these top product marketing articles which can provide direction to your marketing strategy. 

Top 9 Product Marketing Articles For 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Product Marketing in 2021

What is a product marketing strategy? This question provides clues to creating a game plan for getting to know what customers want and how to offer the products they need. Focusing on buyer personas and producing positioning are important steps. 

A Small Business Guide to Product Marketing

It isn’t just large companies that need to revamp their marketing style. Small businesses can also benefit from in-depth marketing research and go-to-marketing strategies to raise their profile. Product innovation is a goal for businesses of any size. 

Product Marketing for Growth in 2020 

A message isn’t enough without knowing the recipient. Messaging and content is a high priority with product marketing. Communicating with the customer, crafting launches, and evaluating the response will create a pathway to success. 

The Product Marketing Foundations Handbook

Understanding the essential tasks of product marketing is essential. These include coordinating with product teams, conducting market research, forecasting, collecting competitive intelligence, and creating go-to-market campaigns. 

Product Marketing: The Complete Guide for 2020

The focus of product marketing boils down to three main priorities: deciding on a product’s placement and messaging, launching an item and making sure customers or salespeople understand its value, and finally, driving demand for the product. 

Product Marketing Predictions for 2021

This article incorporates predictions and suggestions from business leaders about what to expect in 2021. Product marketing, focusing on customer experiences, and personalized marketing are the core strategies for 2021. 

What Is Private Labeling: a Complete Guide

Private labeling means having control over products and features as well as marketing. It can increase sales and provide significant value. The key is creating strong partnerships with manufacturers. 

Guide to Marketing Your Products in China

China is one of the world’s largest markets and finding ways to access it can provide substantial value for any company. Tips on using Chinese social media platforms and learning best practices for marketing in China can help your company expand into new markets. 

What Is Product Marketing and Why Should I Care? 

Product marketing involves a systematic strategy involving defining a target audience, focusing on positioning and messaging, establishing goals, deciding pricing and preparing your product for its launch. 

These articles provide advice, tips, and a roadmap to revamping your company’s marketing strategy. Review these resources and construct a successful product marketing strategy for 2021. 

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