Top 9 Digital Transformation Articles For 2021

Revuze Team Collected The Top 9 Digital Transformation Articles For 2021

The year 2020 changed everything. Because of the pandemic, many people were working, studying, socializing, and shopping at home. This has led to a significant rise in eCommerce sales, which has increased the need for digital transformation. 

In 2021, businesses will have to innovate, focus on customer experience and expand their online presence. We have handpicked these 10 articles that guide digital transformation. 

Top 9 Digital Transformation Articles For 2021

How Digital Transformation Has Fast-Tracked in Two Years

Digital capabilities have indeed doubled in the past two years and part of this was due to the pandemic. According to a survey, 70% of businesses are expanding their digital platforms, but are doing so not just with new technology but with the best talent. 

How to Succeed at Digital Transformation

Every business has to face a Catch-22–to be more competitive, it is important to expand digital operations. However, this transition represents an investment of significant resources. The key is breaking down the task and giving talent individual roles in creating a digital transformation.

Can GameStop Win (In the Long-Term)? Lessons for Digital Transformation in Retail

The GameStop drama has changed the way people look at investing, but also digital transformation. The point of the story was the GameStop’s stock was artificially propped up, but to succeed in the long term, companies such as GameStop must expand digital offerings and focus on their niche audience. 

Half of Retailers Plan a Digital Makeover as eCommerce Sales Boom Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Even people who don’t usually enjoy online shopping were forced to fill their virtual carts instead of physical ones as lockdowns closed stores. Consumers developed new habits and learned to enjoy online shopping. When the pandemic subsides, these habits may remain, and it is the reason why half of business owners gave their companies a digital makeover in 2020. 

What Is Digital Transformation? A Practical Beyond-the-Buzz Look at How to Adapt in the Digital World

It is important to remember that digital transformation is not really a choice. The change is happening everywhere anyway. The reality is more consumers look for products online and are likely to make on-the-spot purchases. Also, people are spending more time online and the internet is the best way to reach consumers. 

Customer-centric Digital Transformation

Digital transformation also involves becoming customer-centric. The internet provides the opportunity to reach customers directly, to discover how they feel about brands and services, and to address their questions and needs. 

How Customer Experience Drives Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is necessary to remain competitive. The best way to do this is to focus on the customer journey. The first step is to hone a strategy, imagine the customer journey, create an agile, flexible IT environment and personalize the customer experience. 

What Is Digital Transformation? A Necessary Disruption

Digital transformation can be effective with a solid plan. This includes aligning long-term goals, making bold, enterprise-wide changes rather than incremental ones that may not be brought to completion. Also, IT and business must co-create for a successful result. 

Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology

Making a sustainable digital transformation is not just about implementing automated solutions or cutting-edge tools. Taking stock of your company and looking at objectives is an essential step before introducing new technology. Introducing innovation through company insiders rather than consultants can help make digital strategies an essential part of your company culture. 

We hope that you will find these articles useful in creating a digital transformation in 2021. 

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