seven ways customer feedback improve product

Seven Ways Customer Feedback Can Improve Your Product

Customer feedback is crucial in today’s market; consumers want to feel listened to and valued by the brands they interact with. Customer feedback allows you to see into the minds of your target demographics, as it provides you with precious information about what they want from you and how you might go about providing that in your products and services. This is incredibly useful when building new enterprises and products.…

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Sentiment Analysis Text Mining

What Is the Difference Between Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis?

A few years back, data was a vogue word; but things have dramatically changed. We are now in the era of big data; most businesses depend on data for their daily transactions and decision-making. A Forbes article reports that the amount of data created, captured, and copied in 2020 reached 59 trillion gigabytes; an almost whopping 5,000% departure from the 1.2 gigabytes of 2010. While a large volume of data…

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The role of sentiment analysis in Digital transformation

The Role of Sentiment Analysis in Digital Transformation

In a world that revolves around data, can we talk about digital transformation without looking at the impact of data in any digital transformation initiative? If you do have the requisite data, how do you ensure the workability and effectiveness?  Data is gathered from different sources, unstructured, semi-structured, and structured. What puts head above shoulders is to ensure that your data is structured, and this is where sentiment analysis comes…

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